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What will you learn?

In a nutshell: this complimentary 3 hour Masterclass shares exactly how to turn your DREAM or HOBBY into a BUSINESS.

Why come to The Masterclass?

• Learn the proven strategies that will get you started in your styling business

• Mingle with like-minded passionate people and make new connections

• Gain white space, away from the whirlwind of life, to get first steps to your new business clear

• Be inspired by an industry leader with incredible insights and wisdom

• Make a real difference to your life by finally getting clear on what you need to do and deciding to JUST DO IT (that’s a good catchphrase! We should TM that!)

The Masterclass is ideal for:

• Those who have a passion for fashion but don’t know what to do with it

• Hidden gems who are in a job that they don’t love

• Passionate people who were born to help and inspire others

• Bloggers who want to create a real business in style

The Masterclass is NOT suitable for:

• Those who think they already know everything (sorry, we’re a growth-mindset community)

• Those who dream about results but never change their behaviour (we support the dreamers who do)

• Cynics. (The S.Academy is composed of open-minded people.)

• Dabblers. (You’re either committed to following your dreams or not.)

Still on the fence?

Read these awesome reviews from some of our past attendees

“Just the motivation I needed to get my butt in gear and to get started”

“So much information, tips and ideas that can help me, I loved it”

“thanks so much Kelly, I feel so inspired now to start my business”

“I can’t wait to get my first paid client and now know how to keep them coming back!”

Upcoming events…

Kelly hosts a number of masterclasses in Dubai, UK and USA which are designed to introduce you to the system you need to create the foundations for a successful style business, not just a hobby.
Unlike other events that merely give you lots of cool ideas (that leave you feeling overwhelmed or confused), these masterclasses give you the 5 areas you need to focus on to stop delaying and start your business in style.


Business in Style Masterclass


Thursday 7th March 2019


Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Please let us know who you are!

Your Information will never be shared with any third party

Please let us know who you are!

Your Information will never be shared with any third party