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If you’re like most of my readers, you understand the power of transformation.

You’ve felt the confidence and instant credibility that comes when you dress yourself well. Perhaps you’ve been part of transforming someone else’s confidence as you’ve helped them clarify their image and style. Changing your life is all about the power of changing the way you show up in the world – whether that starts from the outside with your clothing and style or from the inside.
Maybe you’re here because ready to change your life and help others do the same, but you don’t know where to begin. You just know the key lies in figuring out how to become the best version of you.
I’m here to help.

I know what it takes to create a business with style and substance that changes lives. I launched my personal styling business in Dubai at 24, was given my first entrepreneurship award after 18 months in business, and have grown that into the business of my dreams – A worldwide styling agency that has completely transformed my life as well as the lives of my clients and employees.

My clients include royalty, celebrities and I’ve been featured in magazines and on television across the globe. I’ve worked with society and business elite, not only in Dubai, but all over the world. I’m an author, I speak on the power of confidence to help you reach your dreams and I’ve created an additional business to help those who want to be stylists create the business of their dreams.

I transformed my life and the lives of others through my award-winning styling business, and through the S. Academy, my speaking and books, I can guide you to achieve your impossible dreams too – whether in fashion or in your business and personal life. Everything changed because I believed in my vision and took the first step. And then the next step.

Change the way you show up in the world and change your life.

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